Orange Makeup Cleansing Gel

Orange Makeup Cleansing Gel

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Being a prominent company in the industry, we are employed in exporting and importing a highly effective Orange Makeup Cleansing Gel in market. With a very little quantity of the gel, it removes all of the make-up, lipstick, foundation and keeps the skin completely clean. After utilizing it, just washing with water is sufficient, no require to utilize cleanser or soup. Thereafter enjoying the feeling of the smooth & soft skin. Orange Makeup Cleansing Gel can be applied also simply to the skin around the eyes as well as near to the lips with no worry.


  • Gives moisture with fruit extracts.
  • With pure orange extracts, it deeply hydrates the skin.
  • This is prepared from natural ingredients.
  • The bright orange color of the gel is all natural too, from tomato's Lycopene

Our orange makeup cleansing gel is initial initiative to hydrated skin. Orange is beneficial for dry skin so do our product. Our cleansing gel profoundly moisturizes the skin with its fresh orange extricates. Other than lycopene, hyaluronic acid as well as collagen helps in skin’s hydration, tightening, lightening and more. This gel is formulated for experts’ application in salons. The primary highlights of our gel comprises removing water safe mascara, makeup and deeply cleanse skin. It additionally makes sure that following the usage, it does not make the skin dry. Anti-maturing formula is another feature that makes the gel more demanding among the salons and customers. Every content exist in the gel comes from Mother Nature, therefore, it is protected to use.

Usage :

Small dose of gel will create wonder for the skin, only massage the targeted area and clean it with water. However, do not mix the gel and water for application.